Thursday, July 14, 2016

An Agnostic "Faithing" Enterprise

The problem with discussing ideas of faith is that the word itself seems horribly disfigured by its association with rigidly fundamentalist religious beliefs.  I’m a natural born skeptic and I take an agnostic worldview. Some days I lean heavily on the atheistic side and others I tend toward a vaguely theistic.  Wherever, I happen to be – just ask what day of the week it is – my view is colored by a delusional sense of pantheism that pushes me to leap, whirl and sing psalms like a tone deaf cantor. I refuse any sense of stalwartly unmovable materialism.

 I suffer depression and anxiety and at the same time I find a deep joy in being alive.  I will be reduced to ashes soon enough. I might as well see how the adventure turns out.  Yes, I might be a nuttier than a fruitcake – there are no clich├ęs when dealing with my mental health – but, faith is the way I cultivate hope that all of “this” actually means something and that even though the future is largely uncertain and unknowable the experience is worth it.

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