Tuesday, February 08, 2011

if socialism is so great , why is greece in a economic crisis? Also Obama is a socialist you communist moron, he has connections with the weathermen underground(a group of radicals inc. bill ayers).

A couple of things off the bat here – calling me a moron is unfair. I am more than happy to engage in a spirited debate with someone that is ideologically opposed to me. Spirited debate need not always be polite, but calling someone moron is the type of angry nonsense that does nothing positive. Using such language is a good indication that you are not dealing with a reasonable person who is capable of rational discussion with someone they disagree with. Are you one of those people who talk over others when they try to dialogue with you? Do you listen thoughtfully before you respond?

I hope you don’t truly believe that Obama is a socialist and connected to the weathermen via Bill Ayers. These are not true. Obama was a young teen during the time of the weathermen. Hopefully you are also not one of those conspiratorial minded “Birthers” who also believe Obama is really a Muslim.

The fact that Bill Ayers and Barack Obama sat on the same board does not in any way suggest that Obama shares in any of Ayers radicalism. Oh and a 1X $200 donation by Ayers to Obama’s campaign fund. Neither of these events is scandalous given the types of things that go on politically in our country throughout the ideological spectrum.

That being said, you assume that I am a great supporter of Obama. I am not. In fact, Obama is proving himself to be, what readers of my blog will recognize, nothing more than a centrist president. He would have to be in order to build the type of bridges that he has been falteringly doing. That all being said I did vote for Obama and most likely will do so again in 2012. He was the lesser of the two “evils” so to speak. But, I have not bought into the rock star messiah image that propelled him into office.

My thought is that if the Wall Street meltdown had not occurred when it did, Obama would have a much more difficult campaign on his hands. At the end of Convention season in August of 2008 it was a statistical dead heat between Obama and McCain. However, that is all speculation.

As to your comments on Greece…I would submit that it certainly is an example of socialism not working. But, before we pronounce a death sentence on socialism we need to understand that socialism is a spectrum ideology like almost anything else in post modern western politics. Pure socialism, as far as I know, doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. There are elements of socialism that are working throughout the rest of the European Union just as there are socialist elements that are not working so well and, perhaps, even failing. This is why I harp so much on the need for comparative policy analysis.

Greece’s failure as a state has more to do with internal corruption and bad lending practices. Not too dissimilar to what happened on Wall Street during September 2008. Money was lent too cheaply and their overall spending was out of control. Again, sounds a lot like the United States, which is not a Socialist country despite the “right’s” claims that we are.

Finally, I am not a socialist – at least not as most people tend to think of it. I am quite critical of socialism. But, I am also quite critical of laissez faire as well. I am in actuality a moderate with left leaning libertarian tendencies – hence my tendency to refer to myself as Libertarian Socialist. When I first started calling myself that I thought I had cleverly coined a new term. I mean Libertarianism and Socialism? But, much to my chagrin it turned out that there is such a philosophical spectrum. The Marxists and the Anarchists make up the extreme left of the spectrum, but I am not in agreement with extremes.

For a kiss I will answer all your questions.

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