Friday, February 25, 2011

I may have a Career as a Revolutionary Pamphleteer

A careful reading of Marx tells us that capitalism is a necessary development in the class history of humanity. The bourgeoisie lifted the world out of its feudal bonds to a stale and privileged ruling class. They innovated through the ownership of capital and helped launch the industrial revolution. It is only after industrialization that a society will be ready to implement the socialism of Marx. In fact, to try and do so with out a sound industrial base will fail.

This is one of the primary failures with the Soviet Union. They implemented the rule of the worker before they had a sustainable industrial and thoroughly modern infrastructure. The same goes for China that was even more backwards then the defunct Soviet Union, but having learned their lessons well have managed to hang on as they have struggled to modernize now using the capitalist games of the west to their advantage. But, the PRC is also a corrupt and debased communism that betrays Marx and the civil liberties of the working class. It is nothing more than a crass dictatorship of sociopaths.

The world is now at a tipping point. We are going through a wave of political unrest as people across the Middle East stand up against their tyrannical oppressors. In Wisconsin as the GOP strikes to oppress the working class and break the spines of its unions they fail to understand the danger they have wrought on themselves.

It was the success of the labor movement that made true Communism for the United States undesirable. The working class didn’t care much for the rich, but didn’t seek to depose them as long as they got a fair and just break. They just wanted a shot at security. But, this success didn’t come without casualties and blood shed in tears and rage. Factories had to be burnt to the ground and men murdered and maimed; martyrs to the cause of the worker arrested, tried and executed.

In recent decades violence such as this was not necessary as the worker could seek justice through the exercising of their civil liberties and through the democratic process and judicial system. Today CNN reports that Wisconsin passed a GOP bill that further strips the unions of their power. Shall we now take a step back to a more violent time where the struggle for worker’s rights had to be shrill and unreasonable?

Unions and especially union leaders are corrupt. They are part of organized crime. No doubt some of this has been true throughout the past. But, what can we say of our politicians, our government? Are they not corrupt and in bed with corporate special interests giving hand jobs and blow jobs for money? Corruption affects all human endeavors given enough time. But, the corruption in the government of a democratic republic is truly satanic. We must not allow it to stand. The political will of the people has been supplanted by the capricious corporate oligarchs who have infected our government.

It is time to renew the worker’s movement. It is time to break the shackles of the chains that bind us with the mendacity of hope and promises sold to us by the political hacks in this capitalist regime.

Let the workers rise and take back what is theirs!

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