Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have noticed in your blogs you compare Obama & Clinton to centrist Republicans even though they are liberal democrats. Why?

If you have really read my blog posts you will hopefully be able to answer the question for yourself. Whenever I find myself in a discussion regarding liberalism or conservativism I find it is both helpful and enlightening to ask what a person means when they describe themselves or someone else (in this case) as liberal.

My experience is that most of us are truly unaware of the history of liberalism, which goes back to the enlightenment of the 18th century and whose thinkers influenced the founders of our nation. Today, it seems that most people think “social liberal” when they think of liberalism at all. In other words a liberal is for all those lefty kinds of ideas such as pro-choice, gay rights and such. And they would be correct to a certain degree. These are issues that concern liberals. But, moderates in the Republican Party and especially the way out in right field Libertarian Party (Right Wing libertarians) share similar values to many democrats and progressives on social issues.

So oversimplifying a complicated and involved discussion there is more to being a liberal than being pro-choice and pro-gay rights. It’s also important to note that not all democrats are pro-life or are comfortable supporting rights for same sex couples. A final distinction I’d like to make is that not all “leftists” are truly liberals either. There is a point when the far left and the far right reaches out and touches each other. Fascism is a problem through out the extremes of both left and right. In fact, Fascism had its birth on the left side of the political spectrum, which runs counter to our visions of Ann Coulter, George W. Bush and the Nazis. Fascism is a tendency, in my estimation, of authority then an actual philosophy itself.

Now in regards to Obama and Clinton my opinion is based on the history of their fiscal policies and agenda. Now, to make a distinction I did not call either man a Republican. What I did was to compare them to moderate republicans and noted that they both have embraced the general fiscal policies of the GOP that had begun to take shape during the Reagan administration. It might be correct to suggest they are social liberals, but fiscal conservatives. Clinton not only embraced NAFTA he actually shrunk the size of government which is not a liberal tendency in governance. I have described this in larger detail in my blog posts the past couple of days.

For a kiss I will answer all your questions.

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