Friday, February 18, 2011

Being a libertarian…I am guessing you are all for no gun control. I know it is a constitutional right, but the constitution can be amended. Why do people need more than one gun?

I am torn on the issue of gun control. Partly because of the 2nd amendment and my value of holding the Constitution and its amendments to be sacrosanct insomuch as you can call a secular document sacred…It’s one thing to amend the constitution to increase liberty or to protect liberty from being oppressed, but another thing altogether to use it to curb liberties or to take them away.

It’s unconscionable how conservative religious elements have attempted to deprive the gay community of civil liberties by using the constitution. Because, of my stance on this I feel somewhat compelled to oppose gun control. To be pro-gun control feels somewhat hypocritical to me.

However, your concern about the proliferation of guns does not fall on deaf ears. I personally do not believe in guns. I have never owned one. Let’s face it a gun’s created purpose is as a weapon. In this case a weapon that kills people. Even if you own one for the purpose of personal defense you are saying that you will exercise your ability to kill or maim someone to protect your own life. Certainly we all have the moral “right” to protect our life and property if we are in mortal danger. But, we must be at least honest about the purpose of a gun.

Gun ownership is a part of American culture and civil liberties from the start. Whether we like it or not we need to acknowledge this. You can’t just curb liberties because you don’t like it. Where does that stop? There are plenty of people who want to curb freedom of religion and freedom of speech and such. In some ways gun ownership is part of a “higher morality” that protects all civil liberty.

That being said I am not sure a private citizen needs to own an AK-47 assault rifle. Once upon a time in our democratic republic’s early days there was a need to own guns to protect life, property and to aid in the common defense. States and territories often maintained militias of volunteer soldiers. Today, we have the National Guard for that purpose and we no longer need people to be armed in this way.

I would agree with you that it isn’t necessary for a person to own more than one gun. In fact, I question the need to own any gun. It is a delightful irony that more people each year are killed by their own weapons than by another gun owner. But, on this issue I would submit that the majority of gun owners are responsible and safe.

The old NRA adage that guns don’t kill people, people kill people is really true as much as I hate to concede that – the idea that we should amend or curb liberty because someone might behave irresponsibly or do something horrible is unthinkable to me. Ultimately you can’t have a free an open society and force upon it a desire to be safe from those who may behave violently or without conscience. If we let this fear overtake us we will find more liberty at stake than just gun ownership.

For a kiss I will answer all your questions.

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