Friday, December 31, 2010

Do you think professor Noam Chomsky was correct when he said that this phase of human existence is possibly 'terminal' if American hegemony and imperialism continues?

No. While America has it's share of venality in the world we are certainly not the most hegemonious nation. It's a puerille notion of the left to see the United States as the chief villian in the world. But, China, Russia and Israel are quite hegemonious themselves. These nations are also infinitely more dangerous than the United States is.

Imperialism today can be seen chiefly in economic terms than in geo-political conquests. China is seeking to beat the Capitalist west by using Capitalism against it. Russia is country completely without moral compass and is ruled more by the crime syndicates that have infected everything in the former eastern bloc empire.

The "terminal" moment of existence, if it comes, will be the result of some madman or group of madmen in countries such as Iran, N. Korea or anywhere that terrorists are tolerated and harbored. The violent drug cartels of Mexico and Latin America et. al pose a greater threat than the United States does to any country.

Life is quite stubborn. In the end it will find away and unless the planet is suddenly rendered inhabitable the only thing "terminal" may be civilization as we currently know it now. How we live is ultimately based on a platform of cheap and easily exploitable fossil fuels. Once they are depleted beyond our abiity to extract them globalism will end and the world will begin to shrink back into a more regional living arrangement.

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