Monday, December 20, 2010

40 Out of 100 Americans Choose Ignorance

Wow! According to a new Gallup poll, 40% of Americans still hold strict Creationist beliefs. The poll results indicate that the number is down somewhat from previous years. However, it is really only a minor decrease and, let’s face it, 40% is a lot of willful ignorance.

Science and Religion Today reports Gallup Editor in Chief, Frank Newport as interpreting the results to mean that overall beliefs in the U.S. in the origins of humanity are the same as they were during the 1980’s.

While the study indicates that not all steady churchgoers believe in Creationism, they still, as a group, are the most likely to believe in Creationist answers or at least hold beliefs that god is involved in the creation and lives of humanity. That isn’t too surprising,

Also not surprising is the finding that level of education and religiosity play a significant factor in who chooses Creationist beliefs. The less education a person has the more likely they will accept a Creationist view. Those with college or post graduate education seem to hold one of two basic views of evolution.

This begs the question – just how educated are Americans in general? On first blush this new Gallup poll correlates to other studies that indicate that, at least, in the math and sciences Americans are farther behind than the most other places in the free world. Other studies and polls I have read in recent years indicate that the level of religiosity in the United States is much higher then in the aforementioned other countries as well.

Naturally I am just speculating based on one poll and have nothing concrete to correlate it to, but it seems that as a whole Americans are far less educated then our peers in other countries. Our education, beyond high school, seems to focus largely on the vocational in the business, trades and information technology. It seems that while the down and dirty specialty “for profit” schools have been a boon to the careers of many they have played a roll in diminishing the overall quality of education in general.

That being said, that is a lot to throw on just 1 poll that tackles only Creationist views. But, as I mentioned it does beg the question – many questions actually, regarding our education system in this country.

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