Monday, November 08, 2010

Gnosis & Satan: The Wisdom of Darkness

There is no reason to fear the dark. Evil hides in broad daylight more easily than it does in the night. If you knew what I knew you would never turn on the light again preferring, as I do, to stumble around in the dark feeling your way the best you can. There is real honesty in the darkness. Darkness doesn’t have to worry about what its shadows reveal. It doesn’t have to hope you will be too distracted to notice. The light blinds you. Its shimmering cloak veils the truth from you.

You don’t have to believe in a source of supernatural evil. There is no Satan, no hoards of demons waiting to devour you. Evil wears a human face. It struts and preens before you in your temples constructed of light and in your grandest institutions. Your most time honored and cherished traditions are infected by its piety and its blind ambition is the real meaning of blasphemy. You must put out the light and learn the secrets of the darkness. Only then can you truly posses the light.

If you seek to blame Satan then blame yourself. You are Satan. You are the fallen light who dwells in torment. But, here is the rub, you are also God. You cast yourself out of the celestial realms. Your spiritual schizophrenia prevents you from seeing the truth. If you want to gain entrance to the Pleroma then you must heal the relationship between god and Satan.

Satan’s crime was not that he wanted to be god. Satan’s crime was that he wanted to be human. Once upon a time he was the most beautiful of all the celestial lights. He was the apple of god’s eye. Then one day god decided to mold an image of itself out of mud and breathe its light into it. Satan’s heart broke and his jealousy rose to a fine pitch. This fractured the Pleroma and marred the face of god. This is what must be repaired.

Satan is indeed the enemy. But, that enemy is you. You must see it as symbolic of all that is deficient in you spiritually. This is your religion, your politics and your self-centered nature that prefers itself over others. Satan is not a raging demon. He is a broken and lonely child wallowing in the dirt. His tears are masked by his rage. Once you see it for what it is you can bring him back to the throne of your consciousness and the two will once again become one.

Just as Satan cast himself from the Pleroma so the Christ crucified himself. This is the inner wisdom of religion. But, it is hidden by your pontificating theologians and your hysterical evangelicals who cannot remain still and silent because they are afraid of the truth. They wish to not be set free.

You, dear Gnostic, are not suffering from that delusion. You seek the truth. You know that to possess the truth is to inflict pain on yourself, but in that pain lays the way to gnosis. Gnosis is not serenity. Gnosis is not mere spiritual consolation. Gnosis is desolation, but it is also not desolation. It is faith, but not faith because it is knowledge. It is subjective, but not subjective and therefore it is objective.

You must make the inner the same as the outer. You must make the outer the same as the inner. The male must become female so he can become a male. The female must become male so she can become female. In the field of paradox lies true understanding, but madness lays in wait there as well like a ravenous lion. You must eat the lion and take its flesh into your own. You must become the lion so the lion can become man. Even a madman can sometimes be a prophet.

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counselingone said...

Yes! NOw that is what I am talking about. Catharsis, revelation, healing, how else can we look into the face of god, ourselves and the truth and live?