Friday, October 29, 2010

Gnosis as Repairing the Face of G-d

Ironically the darkness within us is the compelling force that draws us toward the light of God. There is a part of our undiscovered self that wants to stay hidden from the light. This tiny “I” is acted upon dynamically by the “I” that wants the light. These two “I’s” divide the psyche’s component parts into armies of opposing forces and they stand as the barrier to its integration. This is why the Gnostic must make the darkness conscious.

Simply embracing the darkness is not enough. Recognition and acceptance is a crucial first step, but it’s only the first step. Currently you reside in this world of duality – a world created by the Demiurge. The world of this ego is the world of created things and not eternal things (we might call these “eternals” no-things). The darkness loves created things and will be used by them even though it mistakenly believes it is the one who is doing the using. This is what usurps the power of the psyche and causes many to suppose that the darkness is the path of self-destruction. Drained of power we are in a state of fear.

Unlike, traditional Christianity that sees Satan as the eternal adversary who is forever doomed, the Gnostic understands that the Demiurge is the projection of our ego onto the world. The god of the ego can be reconciled to the eternal and, indeed it must be if we are to come to gnosis. To understand the demiurge is to understand our selves and to master the ego. What you might be compelled to call Satan is not separate any more from you than what you might be inclined to call god – they are complimentary pieces of reality. One seemingly exists because the other exists. This is the nature of duality.

This process so poorly described is what Kabbalists refer to as repairing the face of god. The Kabbalist, as the Gnostic, raises the divine sparks trapped within the prison of materiality so that it may repair the damage created by the Demiurge uniting it with the eternal.

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