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It is widely believed, although soundly denied by the CDC and the WHO that a virus is behind the cause of the recent zombie transformations that have plagued parts of the world such as the Congo region in Africa and the somewhat remote jungle areas of South East Asia. How it is initially contracted is still unknown, although it can be transmitted through bodily fluids such as saliva, blood and semen. A bite from an infected host is deadly. Sexual contact with any potentially infected host is to be avoided. There is no such thing as safe sex when it comes to the Human Zombievirus (aka H1Z1).

Currently there is no known vaccination or treatment for infections due to the H1ZI virus, although silver has some therapeutic indications. Tinctures with colloidal silver applied to the wound sites have been shown, anecdotally, to have an antiseptic effect slowing down the transformation process for up to two weeks. However, given the viral nature of the infection this is somewhat suspect. It is most likely that the use of silver stems from ancient folklore regarding werewolves, vampires and other various forms of the undead. Silver has long been known to be a bioactive substance and many homeopathic and naturopathic remedies make use of it.

The only known cure for the H1Z1 virus is beheading, which ultimately results in the death of the living host. A completely transformed zombie is already dead and is simply reanimated tissue by a currently unknown mechanism of the virus. Once the head has been separated from the rest of the host’s body immolation in flames must be done immediately. Currently the virus is only known to affect humans however given the rapid mutation suspected cross species infection to dogs, pigs and other scavenger beasts is a concern. Feasting on the dead tissue of the host by such animals is to be avoided at all costs. Any animal caught eating a dead carcass suspected of carrying the virus must be destroyed immediately.

The virion properties as pertaining to morphology, nucleic acid, proteins and lipids are still being investigated. However given the nomenclature H1Z1 it is suspected that more extensive knowledge of this virus exists and is being suppressed by the United Nations and various world governments including the United States, Great Britain and France. Rumors abound that it resembles the Human Herpesvirus 3 and some influenza viruses (given the H1Z1 classification).

As a final note it is interesting to note that some of the more hyperbolic conspiracy theorists have conjectured that the virus contains a non-human protein of extraterrestrial origins. However, as to be expected no corroborating evidence has been offered to support this thesis.

Excerpted from: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – “Boneless” Frank McCall, ed.

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