Monday, August 09, 2010

How to Free a Terrorized Mind

Superstitions terrorize the mind. Just like obsessive compulsive disorders they can override simple common sense by creating a great deal of unnecessary anxiety. The afflicted person may understand, in theory, that there is a better way to live, but the compulsion to believe is so great that they cannot simply just discard them like a soiled tee shirt.

The treatment is simple despite being rigorous. All we must do is apply a firm and consistent use of reason and plain, old fashioned common sense until the ghosts disappear and the monsters leave your closet for good. Shadows always diminish under a bright light.

It is not important that we always know everything. However, we can live life with an unfettered mind that learns to cope with the gaps in our knowledge, searching vigorously for answers, and resisting the urge to fill those gaps in with gods, demons and monsters of every shape and color.

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