Friday, May 07, 2010

The Unconstitutional National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, a day which exists due to an abuse of the first amendment. As a secularist I have no problem with people praying. In fact, it is none of my business what your religion and spiritual practices are. We live in a secular republic with a constitutionally created atmosphere of religious tolerance. Regardless of how I feel about religion and prayer the first amendment allows for a believer to practice as they choose just as it protects my right to be a non-believer.

It is because of this constitutionally protected separation of church and state that congress has no business making statutes regarding prayer. In a secular republic with a constitutionally guaranteed and protected separation of church and state, prayer needs no congressional mandate or protection. The purpose of the 1st amendment is to guarantee and establish religious tolerance and the freedom to believe or not to believe without the interference of government. A statutorily created day of prayer is nothing more than the attempt of one particular brand of religion to seek dominion over all others.

Have your national day of prayer. That is what your churches are for. Congress is not your church. This country is not your church.

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