Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nestis: The Water of Life

This is one of several interludes that will be devoted to the lovely Queen Persephone, ruler of the underworld, consort of Hades and the protector of the sacred Gnostic marriage. She is the bride that every soul takes to bed and unites his flesh and spirit with.

Plato called her Pherepapha, because she is all wise and touched that which is in motion. She is the archetypal feminine power of wisdom and she will guide us to the Tree of the World or the Axis Mundi. She is Sophia Renee, wisdom reborn in a dark age. She represents the rising of the feminine power within the soul. She is death and rebirth itself and her marriage bed is the fabled fields of Elysium.

Persephone is Nestis, the water of life. As the Fool walks through the dark forest with her companion Lilith, she is forbidden to call Persephone by her true name. She must only be called Kore or the Maiden. This will be heartbreaking for our little Fool for tragedy; assault and hardship are the stepping stones to this initiation. Wisdom is always born within the soul at a great price. One must want it more than air and water itself. Are you prepared to die for knowledge? What will the Fool be willing to sacrifice? What terrible price is she willing to pay? Odysseus called her the Iron Queen and many others, the dreaded goddess.

So as this brief interlude comes to a close the Fool finds herself standing before a great flowing river in the heart of the dark forest. Lilith blindfolds the Fool with a scarlet cloth and binds her hands behind her back. The serpent coiling around Lilith’s naked body extends itself until its tongue can lightly flick in and out of the Fool’s ear.

It whispers, “Now hear the four fold roots of everything: enlivening Sophia, Death and the ever shinning realm of Abraxus.”

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