Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gnostic Journey & The Major Arcana: The High Priestess 2

Having endured her encounter with the magus the Fool finds herself at the edge of a dark and foreboding forest. She has come to the gate of the High Priestess. The High Priestess is the veiled siren of the moonlight. She is veiled and seated upon a throne between two mighty pillars. The Pillars are Temperance and Severity.

While the magus was loquacious and prone to lewd story telling and pranks, the high priestess is silent. The magus is prone to lies; the high priestess will speak only truth. She measures her words carefully and speaks only when absolutely necessary. Her voice is as soft as the moonlight. Our hungry and tired Fool must struggle to keep her focus. This is the first of several initiations that our Fool will endure in toward her endgame. She must pass this silent and wise lady of the night, stern and gentle; loving and cruel.

The high priestess is a paradox. She has the million year stare and her gaze seems to penetrate the Fool’s core. Nothing can be hidden from her and suddenly the Fool recognizes her own nakedness. She stands in awe before this cunning woman. The high priestess knows all about the Fool and reveals the intimate depths of her knowledge.

This is the gate of new ideas. The old way of looking at life and death is fading away. A new vision emerges. It’s so very clear and yet still seems like a hallucination – a mirage born from a high fever. The fool looks behind from where she has come. The path is no longer there. If there was ever a point of no return this is it. The Fool thought that when she encountered the magus, but now she sees that there was still a chance to turn back. The Magus lied to force her forward.

The dark forest calls to our Fool. But, she is afraid. She lays her possessions before the high priestess. She reveals the tools and skills that she acquired during her time with the mage. The high priest tells her she must choose. What will she take with her?

The high priestess speaks to us of intuition and primal secrets. She contains the knowledge before men had language and could walk upright upon the earth. The forest is the womb of eternity. This is the gate to the mysteries of Persephone. The Fool will walk through death itself and into Hades. If she survives she will have harnessed the powers of the seasons. The high priestess stands aside and allows the Fool to enter the forest. She hands the Fool a scroll. She is told it contains the secret to enter into death itself.

At the edge of the forest stands a mirror image of the High Priestess. She is naked and a long serpent is coiled around her body. The serpent undulates. The woman's name is Lilith and she has come to help you burn the garden down. In the center of the garden is a tree. You will slash and burn yourself to this world tree – the axis mundi of reality. There is succulent fruit waiting for you to tastes it and to suck its juices out. This is the nourishment you will need to continue through the dark forest into Hell.

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