Thursday, April 08, 2010

Alternatives to Roman Catholicsim


These are just a few of the alternatives available to Catholics who wish to retain their Catholic identity, but free themselves from the corruption, oppression and criminality of the Roman Catholic Church. Among these you will find a varying degree of openness and conservativism. Some openly welcome gays. Some not only welcome regardless of sexual orientation, but ordain women and gays as well.

Independent Old Catholic Church of America – Allows males and females in clergy. But, may still discriminate against gays and is pro-life.

Old Roman Catholic Church of America – It claims apostolic succession but has no allegiance to the Pope. Currently some debate about whether the designation as “Catholic” is harmful to its image. The ORCCA takes the ecumenical position of nonjudgementalism and recognizes the value of ongoing dialogues with other faith groups. It recognizes the role of individual conscience in the spiritual life. The church proclaims the teaching of the Seven Ecumenical Councils

Catholic Apostolic Church in North America – This version of Catholicism came to the United States from Brazil in 1949. They welcome all people regardless of sexual orientation, political beliefs, ethnicity and national origin. They are an open body of believers. I particularly value the following statement from their website:

We appreciate that Jesus never turned away anyone and in this same spirit, we offer, without question, the word and sacraments to everyone who approaches them reverently”

The National Catholic Church of America – this is a more recent body having been created on January 1, 1998. The church ordains regardless of gender and sexual orientation. It welcomes all people regardless of sexual orientation et al.

The American Catholic Church in the United States – This is another open and inclusive body of believers. They do not discriminate regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

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