Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Satan - On the Deception of The Free Markets

Revolution is verbose – Leon Trotsky

There is something insidious about the so- called free markets that cannot be labeled any other way than as evil. If Evangelical Christianity seeks to continue their war against Satan they would do well to attack the deception of the free market. At least they would successfully pursue a real enemy vs. the imagined adversary of their nightmares.

Free in this sense can only be achieved by the hyper ambitious whose heart is filled to the brim with gluttony and avarice. The notions of right leaning libertarian ideology are as far away from the gospel of Jesus as one can get and one might assume that neither Jesus nor Paul – the actual founder of Christianity – would approve of such ideals. But, then the majority of our founding fathers were not “Christians” as the religious right assumes or generally understands. At best they were deists. Today many, such as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, might even be atheists.

In a free market economy only the greedy can be truly successful. The majority will become wage slaves or worse. A system that allows some to acquire more than they will ever reasonably need is at best amoral. A system that looks down upon those who are unable to “make it” as if they are defective or simply lazy entitlement whores who live off the hard work of the few as parasites is depraved. Complete deregulation will lead to such unfair imbalance that they only way to right those wrongs is through violence. There is nothing just or “free” in a wealthy society that has a growing number of people uninsured, unemployed and hungry.

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