Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ECCE HOMO (An Unpoem)

Ecce Homo

I went searching for God
And in my solitude
When my fear subsided
And my heart once again grew calm
I found only myself
And I stared back at me from within my heart
Scarcely believing what I now saw

I ran from my forest
From my thatched hut made of grass and leaves
The place of so many mortifications
Stumbling over root and underbrush in my excitement
My knees sore from hours lost kneeling counting beads
And making confession
And performing penance against my fleshy temple
My lower back sore from hours spent needlessly in prostration

The bright sun seared my eyes
Tired and dry from hours spent poring over ancient texts
And dusty scriptures in poor artificial light
Hoping to glean some small truth or bit of wisdom
Unlocking the door to eternity
Somehow I had traded created light
For my precious life – thinking it a bargain

I ran down ancient bloodstained streets
Soaked with the bitterness and bile of human suffering
And littered with Churches
Preachers and Priests
Rabbi and Bearded Cleric
Calling for peace
And Unity
And death to all unbelievers
Each saying the same thing
Our god is the only god

These rapists of scared souls
Would hardly countenance what I just saw
In my poor little grass hut
Wars have been fought for truth
And to suppress the truth
And to keep alive childish superstitions

In the most holy temple
I snuck past the guard
And crept toward the Holy of Holies
Ripping down the curtain
I beheld an empty altar
And from behind me

A voice…

A sweet voice no louder then a light spring breeze
Carrying the fresh scent of newly born life
“You see it was only you this whole time…”

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