Monday, December 28, 2009

The Theological Lie of Free Will

The idea of free will in Christian theology is absurd. God gives you only one choice – choose me or go to hell. All other choices are an illusion or more aptly put a lie. Free will implies that you are free without censure to make your choice. You may have to suffer the natural consequences of your action good or bad but these are the direct result of your choice. Eternal damnation is not a natural consequence it is the reaction of an angry and jealous god of monstrous proportions.

For those who say that God’s choice is a free will choice I would ask that you place a plate of your child’s favorite treat within reach. Tell him he can choose to have some or wait until after dinner. When he or she takes a treat beat them severely and throw them in their room without supper because the only choice you would allow is waiting until after dinner for a treat. I suspect that you would not do this (at least I hope so.) as this is a vile parenting tactic that all reasonable people would consider abusive.

Fortunately for us God does not exist. Therefore we are free to make our choices…

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