Monday, December 14, 2009

A Stop Gap Process

Activism is an essential part of the political process in a democratic republic. We can hardly dispense with it if we are to keep moving toward an honest expression of liberty and justice. However, activism is still largely about changing others. It is about forcing others to conform to your ideas of fairness and justice. Compromise is often a last resort when it appears the battle is lost.

An activist is a revolutionary in miniature. They carry with them the violence of the full blown revolutionary but dole it out in smaller, more condensed amounts. Instead of guns and bombs they use petitions, sloganeering and the bully pulpit. They seethe with hatred for those who would thwart their idealism.

Conservatives are racists and selfish…

Liberals are immature and ignorant…

The media gives us larger then life taking heads whose very bellicose natures often distort the truth. A spiritual activist asks more of him or herself then they do of those they are talking to. They understand that unless they change themselves at some fundamental core level none of the work they do will succeed – not for the long run.




These words only mean something to those whose reasonable nature allows them to build bridges to span the divide that separates them from their others. An unreasonable person is incapable of participating because their irrational responses and stubbornness make change difficult if not impossible.

Politics is a distasteful game that is the result of human nature. It is the lack of enlightenment that makes the process necessary. If everyone really understood how interconnected we all were the divides would come down and the wars and debates would stop. We would only want what was good for our neighbor. The politics of democracy is a stop gap process. It is a band aid covering a seeping wound. We use it because we have nothing else to use in its place.

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