Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Wish (An anti-prayer)

May this year ahead of us be the year humanity wakes from its long slumber and casts aside the gods of sky and war; may we may walk unfettered in the silent fields and forests of liberty bound by neither heaven nor hell.

May the voices of angels and daemons be forever stilled and the foolish fables of monotheism be put back upon the bookshelf of antiquity; may the children of women shatter religion’s false promises like stone idols in the idol makers tent.

May humanity look upon the world with clear eyes and clearer mind and see the work that must be done; may we no longer fear Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah or Satan. Let us awake from our protracted childhood free to be wise adults. Let this life and not the promise of heaven nor the fear of perdition motivate us to joy.

May we bridge the gaps that separate us and not use faith or prophecy to prevent justice and equality; may love finally have a human face and not the face of an omnipotent and abusive night terror who rules our fantasies as if it were real.

Love with a human face may be imperfect; it may occasionally become corrupt but it is more honest than fantasy. Let us dispense with magical thinking and let reason be our guiding light.

So be it.

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