Wednesday, December 30, 2009

American Capitalism vs. The Dalai Lama

Splittist: A person who specializes in doing the splits, i.e. cheerleader, gymnast or porn star.

According to the Chinese government the Dalai Lama is a “dangerous splittist” who wants to split Tibet from China and therefore have dubbed him a “devil with a human face.” First of all if there was ever a group of people who had the right to throw off the chains of oppression and take up arms against their oppressors it is the people of Tibet. Beijing seems to have a short memory. Tibet was a free and separate nation until the Chinese invaded in 1950. The Chinese government is the devil with the human face.

The Dalai Lama is every bit the head of state in exile and politician as he is a religious leader. But, he has stayed true to his Buddhist principals and has been working for a peaceful end of the Chinese occupation. Not once has he ever advocated violence (and I should stress that this is at least as far as I know. But I would be quite surprised and skeptical of information to the contrary.) The Chinese government however, has not been reticent in their use of brutality against the people of Tibet or against their own people for that matter. Tiananmen Square 1989 still resounds loudly to their great shame.

The United States is quick to export democracy to the Middle East and has strong rhetoric for governments such as those in Iran who oppress and violate the civil rights of its people. America, as we would have ourselves believe, is about decency, human rights and liberty. That is unless China is pouting about Tibet. Then suddenly we become a little quieter on the issue. The far right jingoism of recent years seems to be devoid of forcing democratic reforms on our largest business partner.

Corporations such as Apple remove all applications referencing the Dalai Lama from their China specific ITunes store. This apparently is a prerequisite for doing business in China. I question the morality of any corporation who currently does business in China. In years prior the Bush Administration made big noises about the United States not doing business with terrorist nations or nations that are known to cooperate and harbor terrorists. We think nothing of letting China invest in the public debt of the United States or setting up call centers shipping thousands of jobs that deserving Americans could be doing. This begs the question what is a terrorist?

If Hamas lobs missiles into Israel it is an act of terrorism. We even criticize Israel – a strong ally – for its occupation and actions along the disputed West Bank. But, we say nothing about the treatment of Tibet by the Chinese? During the cold war we thought nothing of referring to them as the Yellow Menace. They were the yellow terror or the yellow horde and it mattered not that the reference was tinged with overt racism. They were commie bastards for God Sake. Who cared what the chinks thought – better red then dead and all that.

We have traded our anti-Chinese racism and anti Marxist rhetoric for money. This is economic prostitution at its worst. Sometimes I wonder why we don’t just get it over with and the sign the deed over to Beijing. Unrepentant capitalism pays better than jingoism. Besides it would be rude to let our racism out into the open. I digress.

Instead of sanctions we reward the Chinese by allowing them to host the Olympic Games. Despite their recent economic growth and experimentation with free enterprise they are still openly Marxist in their political philosophy. They have simply amended the dictatorship of the proletariat to be won by a silent war of economic takeover and manipulation instead of bombs and missiles. Economics is the new war front. The fall of the United States will be achieved by destabilizing our economy.

The Obama administration is ready to go the United Nations with sanctions against Iran for their nuclear program. But, no one is speaking out against the oppression of the Chinese government against Tibet. We justly condemn Al-Qaeda and Hamas as terrorist organizations, but China is let off the hook about its actions in Tibet. This needs to stop.

China’s invasion of Tibet and its subsequent occupation is illegal. Western liberals and Anti-war activists rant on and on about the United States illegal occupation of Iraq and our immoral war on terror. We become outraged when we suspect US military personnel violating the basic human rights and dignity of Middle Eastern prisoners. We act ashamed of our gluttonous consumption of foreign oil. We ignore that China is now one of our top competitors for the black gold. Americans are good at trading their self interest for ridiculous reasons.

Where are the voices rising against China? They are there to be sure. But, it doesn’t seem to be a priority. Our American corporate capital machine ignores China’s continued violation of basic human rights. Apple just turned a blind eye to it. Steve Jobs is supposedly a Zen Buddhist and a Vegetarian. I would also add hypocrite. Japan recently apologized to the Chinese people for their deplorable acts against them during the Second World War. Where is the Chinese apology to Tibet? There isn’t likely to be one anytime soon.

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